Start with “why?”

This TedTalk from Simon Sinek needs little introduction other than it had a major impact on how we approach things at dubizzle, and subsequently it has had a major impact on our success.  I’ll quote from an article I wrote to introduce the video:

The message is simple: People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. The answer to “why?” is your vision. It’s what you as an organisation stand for. It’s the impact you intend to have on the world and your reason for existence. Why, beyond the sales pitch, should customers connect with you emotionally and brilliant people pick up your flag and join your cause?

At Dubizzle, our vision has always been about making the world fairer, disrupting exploitation, and having some fun. When we started in the UAE (and still in many of our newer markets), exploitation of consumers was everywhere. Trade only happened through middlemen. Buyers were getting ripped off, people had no place to sell their things, job seekers were forced to go through recruiters, etc… The marketplace was opaque and unfair for the everyday consumer, and it made us angry. Dubizzle started, and exists today, for one reason: to disrupt consumer exploitation and have some fun doing it.

Every viable business needs revenues and profits, but those come as a byproduct to creating immense value in pursuit of your vision. To attract great people, achieve great things, and be loved by your customers, you must have a strong and emotional understanding of the answer to the question “why?”

I recommend watching this video, and watching it often.

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